smart factory package

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Manufacturing information

We have established a traceable manufacturing system based on the collection and analysis of various manufacturing data concerning molding conditions and quality. We respond to complaints with customersユ complaint information on quality, as well as evaluating the customersユ satisfaction rate after corrective actions.We aim to realize a perfectly unmanned factory controlled by the computer network in the near future.

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Manufacturing information02
Manufacturing information03


Quality information

Inspections that never miss, by using a high-speed image camera

- The latest algorithm that never misses defects

- Confirms the traceability by saving images and inspection data

Quality that deepens and evolves, by analyzing inspection data

- Instantly recognizes the quality status by displaying a histogram

- Predicts defects and gives feedback based on analyzed data

Networking and sharing the quality data

- Supervises the quality data of a US factory from Japan

- Gives feedback on the quality data to manufacturing equipment

Quality information01
Quality information02
Quality information03


Traceability of material

We have established a system that facilitates tracing material by real-time history management of material arrival, inventory control, composition and product shipping.We realized a system that is able to trace back a product to a material lot in 20 minutes from the customersユ inquiry.We strategically continue optimizing our operating process by the supply chain council.

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Traceability of material02
Traceability of material03


Food defense

A manager in office is to manage and control workers in real time based on information from the visitor management system, a monitoring camera and the core system as well as evaluating whether they are working appropriately.We save the data of recorded images for long periods of time, cooperating with large capacity storage.
A system that specializes in risk management for outsiders, and internal control, etc.

Food defense01
Food defense02

These technologies realize our safe,
highly productive and unmanned line.
We aim to expand world-wide the smart factory package
with the management office in Japan.
We will continue to improve our technology.